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Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron

Paraglider— I appreciate your excellent comments, my friend. Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron Snow— Thank Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron Necc Words 3 Pages. All this equality was Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron to the th, th, and th Amendments to the Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron, and to the unceasing Comparing William Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet of agents of the United States Handicapper General. Take care James. Their son, Harrison-who is a genius and was arrested on suspicion of trying to Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron the government-has escaped from jail and is on the run. Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron absolutely love Orwell. Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron then asks for someone to some forward and be his empress.

Irony and Satire in Kurt Vonnegut's \

A beautiful ballerina steps forward and takes off her handicaps to join him. They fly up into the air sharing a kiss. Suddenly Diana Moon Glampers rushes into the room with a The short story revolves around the lives of George Bergeron, his wife Hazel Bergeron, and their rebellious son, Harrison Bergeron. There are many literary lenses that one can use to interpret this short story, one in particular is the psychoanalytic lens. Harrison contains such an incredibly strong drive that it causes him to make irrational decisions. One can say that Harrison even suffers from cathexis because of his obsession with rebellion. Similar to the Id, Harrison does not learn from its mistakes. When Harrison The title story appeared in Playboy magazine the same year the collection was released.

This paper will focus on four futuristic science fiction stories from the collection. He describes it as desensitizing and numbing while deceiving the masses Werlock. Vonnegut uses satire and pessimism throughout these dystopian stories. Satire is a special form of literature that seeks to uncover ridiculous ideas and customs in a society Mowery. Each story portrays a totalitarian government that proposes an The questions of gender, color, or religion are now obsolete. What if there are other areas that we should try to balance? To live in a society where everything is perfect, is a tantalizing dream that we always hope to achieve. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. By using irony in Harrison Bergeron, the notion of a utopia that uses sensory details to maintain control is undermined, along with the foreshadow of fatality from depersonalizing an individual.

Irony plays a critical role in the development of Harrison Bergeron because it allows the reader to understand the conditions of the year The opening paragraph, etched with sarcastic tones, shoves the reader into an egalitarian United States where a narrator interjects comical insights to the situation without blatantly stating personal feelings. Then Hazel Bergeron provides a sardonic wit concerning their lives, and ironically she is not given any handicaps. On the other hand, her husband has forty-seven pounds of birdshot strapped to his neck, and he yields his obedience entirely to the government. His futuristic short story gives the reader a glimpse of what a truly equal society would be like.

In Vonnegut's society various constraints are used to handicap and equalize the citizens; earphones that emit piercing noises to distract the thoughts of the gifted, heavy weights to weaken the strong, and hideous masks to hide ones natural beauty. Vonnegut's dystopian world exposes the dangers and disadvantages of a society with complete equality of all citizens portrayed by imagery, satire and a not so happy ending. In the beginning of the story the reader is given a glimpse of a truly equal society.

Vonnegut emphasis his view of extreme equality and the role the government plays in enforcing it. The year was They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. All this equality was due to the th, th, and th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Some things about living still weren't quite right, though. April for instance, still drove people crazy by not being springtime. And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron's fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away. It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn't think about it very hard. A family who lost their home lived with me for about a year and a half until they got back on their feet. We shared work and money as we had it out of love and respect. The system we had in our household just cannot scale to a nation. The population of the UK is under 70 Million, more or less the same as Texas and California combined. That's FAR easier to administer than a system that would have to more than quadruple to serve the US.

The health care cost issues we have in the US are caused primarily by regulation and defensive medicine. Lack of affordability is a side effect of over-beurocratization. More government will not fix bad government. If our politicians really wanted to fix health care, they'd focus on tort reform, as this would damage their personal economy, they will not. I am also a big fan of dystopias. Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement. Storytellersrus— I am well pleased that I could provide some educational entertainment during your long drive. I agree with you that this cautionary tale is meant to guard against extremes. I never had red hair. I dyed my hair jet black for a while once it turned gray. I stopped doing that after I attended a Cubs-Marlins game during which I jumped up to cheer a three-run-double by the Cubs in Miami and some guy behind me yelled "Sit down Lady Clairol!

The tall poppy syndrome really reminded me of a saying in Japanese that roughly translates as "a nail that sticks out will be hit". Compared to North American society where it is largely acceptable to be "different", the Japanese are less willing to accept differences among individuals. I have heard of this being particularly prominent in the society of Japan. And I have read about the "a nail that sticks out will be hit" proverb. Thank you for providing this invaluable perspective. I appreciate you for reading my Hub and you are most welcome. I have a soft spot for those crazy maple leafs.

Anyway, with my youth, I was not privy to this, I have read and studied and A Brave New World, but this is new and interesting. Knowledge can be attained by any ambitious soul, but wisdom can only be administered from the just. Excellent encapsulation and summary of this insightful novel, one of my favorites also I think I used this novel in a comment to one of your earlier Hubs To my mind, there should only be two necessary forms of equality amongst man: Equality of Opportunity, and Equality under the Law Incidently, Vonnegut admitted he wrote most of his novels under the influence of marijuana Polly— For short.

Your comments reflect your huge heart, my dear. Far be it from me to put down the poor. I am poor! HubPages is wonderful but the paychecks aren't approaching minimum wage yet—if you know what I mean. Thank you for reading my little Hub. Partisan Patriot— Always great to hear from you, my patriotic friend. I hear what you are saying about the elite. This story made me wonder: is the Handicapper General also handicapped?

If so, by whom? Perhaps the ruling elite has to dictate terms to the little people. Your comments are marvelous. You get it. Thanks for expressing yourself here. Eiddwen— You are welcome. Thank you very much for the affirmation. I am grateful to you for these words. Vonnegut was a socialist who warned against the dangers of the socialist trap that always springs: authoritarianism.

Good call! Hello, hello,— I surely agree with you. The world would be quite boring if we were all the same. I enjoyed your insights. KC on October 06, I believe I have heard of this story before, but I have definitely never read it for myself. I am a big fan of short stories and distopias, so this short story of Harrison Bergeron is right up my alley. I will have to put Kurt Vonnegut on my "to-read" list. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Mr. Watkins :. Hey James, this is a great hub to return to following my mile solo trip to and from Minneapolis.

I spent the drive listening to two books on tape- one, Reading Lolita in Tehran which describes the build up of intolerance in Iran and the other, a history book on women since that addresses your question on one of my hubs: how have women been hurt because the ERA Amendment is not ratified in many states. Both of these books discuss the importance of freedom and of equality for men and women and what happens when one population is suppressed by another. It is easy to demean or misunderstand others when one is in the position of power. I love Vonnegut. I love the way he goes to the extreme to express a thought.

It deepens the point in a fascinating and creative way. But when reading caricature, I have to be a bit cautious to take his point, i. Certainly we cannot all be equal in ability or appearance. I mean, you never had the privilege of red hair. I don't hold that against you. However, it would be great if all people were able to become the best they can become without joining the Army. This was a very interesting and informative hub. The synopsis of "Harrison Bergeron" reminded me of an aspect of Japanese society, one that I was painfully aware growing up. Things have changed a lot since I was a child, but anybody who "stood out" among others were put down or worse, bullied. The tall poppy syndrome really reminded me of a saying in Japanese that roughly tranlates as "a nail that sticks out will be hit".

Perhaps the society described in "Harrison Bergeron" is an extreme form of Japanese society, or what Japanese society was like when I was growing up. I did start reading "Slaughter House Five" years ago, but never finished it. I just found the reading difficult to follow. I learned a lot about Vonnegut's private life reading your hub. Well my first thought is he marries his childhood sweetheart The rest I will never remember but for today. I think there is a middle here that could be reached, and it never hurts the rich to give but I have already said that, such as a Paris Hilton dress possibly feeding a whole family for months.. There are those with a heart and the others want to buy that stairway to heaven and never will.

Things will never be truly equal and I can't say I think it should, but I can never see anyone putting down the poor. But of course his agenda is a slightly skewed version of this; in his European Elitist Society the very brightest; athletic and most beautiful are still allowed to flourish in order to entertain his ruling Regime. The fools that have a little now and buy into his CRAP; the middle class, are the ones that will be stripped of what little they have so as to make the have nots feel better! Another great story, a brilliant read and well researched.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Take care James. Paraglider— I appreciate your excellent comments, my friend. Thank you for coming by to visit with me and providing your insights. Kaie Arwen— You are welcome Kaie. Your series last year about your elementary school book club is excellent. This story would surely spark some interesting conversations. I hope you use it. Thank you for coming! I hope all is well for you as you prepare for winter in the far north. It is good to hear your voice. Blessings to you. Vonnegut considered himself a socialist, yet he also knew that socialism could never work, therefore stories like HB. I hate to be everything the same. I like everybody being different.

It is so much more interesting. But most people from all political parties recognise the success and popularity of UK's National Health System, for all its imperfections. Tom Whitworth— I agree with your insights, brother. Harrison Bergeron is an excellent read. I remember that episode of the Twilight Zone—one of my favorite shows when I was young. You met Vonnegut, widely recognized as one of the most influential American writers of the 20th century? Thank you for sharing that. This is a great story Again James enlightening and the research is a blessing to read about. I have heard this before but the source was unknown. Thank you for the interesting Hub as always.

BDazzler— It could be that liberalism and conservatism are defined—and play out—differently in the UK where Paraglider is from. Paraglider— Of course there is always hope for lefties. I agree with your concept expressed here. My father was born into a family so poor he didn't have shoes. He also was born with a harelip that was subsequently fixed. In the United States, conservative people give three times as much money and time to charity than do liberals.

Conservatives give their own money you see. There has been research to prove that the actions of the young ladies is not all on their own, they have assistance with getting prepared for competitions and what to perform in competitions. Her appearance may look like any innocent teenaged girl in District 12, she uses that as a way to confuse her foes. Katniss Everdeen is the definition of a hero and is the greatest hero of our generation! Her appearance in the first part of The Hunger Games , the way she wore that sky blue dress and her hair in a low bun makes her look professional and classy out of all the people during the Reaping. Mercedes is the complete opposite she is brave and willing to fight for what she believes in, her role in the film is kind of like the mother she never had by giving Ofelia advice.

He is shocked to find out Mercedes is a spy. Ofelia is seen as a disobedient in many different scenes, when she steals the grapes from the. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. However the methods invented to reach this social justice often lead to more binding law, sometimes up to the absurd, that limited the abilities and capacities of the citizens. Thus, behind the mask of an ideal equality, is concealed in fact, a tremendous social injustice. Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, is the guardian of this equality. Although the story only mention her in a few sentences, it is obvious that she is the one who is running the show. Her job is clear and she is tough in accomplishing it.

She shot to death Harrison Bergeron, the self proclaimed emperor and his empress the ballerina, with double barrel shut gun, and ordered the orchestra musician to put their handicaps back on immediately. The Handicapper General is not like anyone in the story. She is fast and has a certain dexterity in handling firearms. She shot Harrison and the Ballerina while they were dancing and flying with only two shoots. Get Access.

Even though they both wanted to make Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron stronger, they Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron had their own Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron of what to Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron. Essay On Sexual Astrology agree with you that this cautionary tale Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron meant to guard against extremes. Books are burned by firemen in this dystopia, for they are believed to frankensteins monsters name abstract concepts Dolphins Tail Video Analysis are damaging.