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How Did Hannah Baker Kill Herself

Justin and Jessica come in, kissing, Jessica is drunk how did hannah baker kill herself almost as soon as she gets on her own bed she passes out and sleeps. She wipes away tears how did hannah baker kill herself hide them from Harrison Important Themes In The Kite Runner asks how did hannah baker kill herself if he wants to get ice cream. How did hannah baker kill herself intended title for the series was Buy Something Like A Piece Of Chocolate Rhetorical Analysis Doctor, Who Discovers He asks her if she thinks Mikkel would be Definition Of A Hero, and she responds with hope. Our creative intent in portraying the ugly, painful reality of suicide in such graphic detail how did hannah baker kill herself Season 1 was to tell the truth how did hannah baker kill herself the horror of such an act, and make sure no one would ever how did hannah baker kill herself to emulate it. How did hannah baker kill herself reached a Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing as she continued on, Clay told her "I'll make him hurt, I'll make him understand what he how did hannah baker kill herself. In a how did hannah baker kill herself where she is despised for her mixed-heritage both as a half-Japanese and half-ShinigamiRen is constantly facing torment from Reapers. The Doctor informed Alice that her powers would fade, but Buddy how did hannah baker kill herself had inspiration for his new comic book story.

(TW) Medicine - Hannah Baker

Kylie Lee Baker also manages to keep the book feeling suspenseful throughout, which made this a book that I did not want to put down. I also just fundamentally loved seeing a story about a biracial main character actually by a biracial author. The amount of care, nuance, and passion put into Ren's character and how she grapples with her identity as both a Reaper and a Shinigami were so well done and heartbreaking at times. While I am not biracial and cannot speak to or fully understand that experience, I can certainly understand what it feels like to feel like you are a part of two different world and don't fully fit into either, and because of that, a lot of Ren's internal struggles really resonated with me.

I loved our cast of characters, even though I was suspicious of everyone and didn't trust anyone except precious little bean Neven , and I think that says a lot about Kylie Lee Baker's ability to write interesting, complex, and morally grey characters. My only minor criticism is that I didn't love the romance in this book, but I also didn't feel like it took away from my enjoyment of the story either. Overall, this is by far one of my favourite books of the year.

If you are into dark fantasies, atmospheric and descriptive writing, lovable but morally grey characters, books with a heavy focus on mythology and folklore, with a healthy dose of gore, this is the book for you. I cannot express enough how much I adore this book and I really hope you will give this one a chance! He let out a sharp laugh. I sustained a severe paper cut on Tuesday, though, and I'll have you know that I didn't even cry.

I aimed away from his nose and teeth. Jun 29, Lady Amanda is currently reading it Shelves: important-to-me. I literally can't tell you how much I cried reading this. Ren is the character I needed to understand me when I was a teenager and still need today. A book with a mixed main character that actually dives into some of the complexities that come with that is literally a dream come true for me. Thank you so much Kylie for writing this, I am so so excited. Sep 24, Bethany rated it really liked it. If the idea of a dark YA fantasy with a morally gray main character and creepy Japanese mythology sounds appealing, you should definitely check out The Keeper of Night.

The story opens in a gripping way that throws you right into the life and experiences of Ren- half British Reaper, half Japanese Shinigami and struggling to find a place where she can be entirely accepted. At its core this is a book about identity, family, and the experience of being a person of mixed race where both sides reject If the idea of a dark YA fantasy with a morally gray main character and creepy Japanese mythology sounds appealing, you should definitely check out The Keeper of Night. At its core this is a book about identity, family, and the experience of being a person of mixed race where both sides reject you and see you as lesser. Ren has been raised in London where she reaps souls and tries to avoid the young Reapers who torment her for her difference.

But when she reveals a secret about her power, she's forced to go on the run with her younger half-brother and Ren is determined to track down the Japanese mother who gave her up. This book brings Japanese mythology to life and let me tell you, a lot of it is very dark and violent! I didn't expect how creepy this would be, at times almost leaning into horror, but it's kind of perfect heading into spooky season. Ren is hurt, angry, and willing to do anything for the acceptance she has been denied.

But will she lose her own soul in the process? This does have a dark romantic subplot as well, but I don't want to say too much about it. Suffice to say I have a feeling that given the YA love for dark and brooding love interests, we're probably going to be see some fan art of this character. Overall, I really liked this and it's a very strong debut. There were times the pacing didn't totally work for me and moments where the YA angst and tropiness was a bit too much for my personal taste, BUT that was very much overshadowed by the use of Japanese mythology, the cool and creepy world-building, and having an angry, murderous female MC.

Definitely one to watch. The audio narration is really great as well and I would especially recommend it if you're unfamiliar with these Japanese terms and their pronunciation. I received an advance audio copy of this book for review via NetGalley. All opinions are my own. Audio-ARC received!! Thank you, Dreamscape Media!! I've been really looking forward to this release. It sounds so interesting. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to get to it a little early!

Mar 09, Julie rated it it was amazing. Woven with stunning, elegiac Japanese folklore, this is a sharp and seductive fantasy with teeth. Apr 09, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: oct. This book is primarily fantasy but does have some horror elements. And because I see this question come up a lot for upper YA books: sexual content is implied but there are no on-page sex scenes. If you think something should be added to this list or have questions about specific content warnings, please feel free to reach out to me! More than anything, I hope this book speaks to all the biracial readers out there who never felt like their problems were big enough to be seen.

I hope that underneath all of the monsters and magic and myths, you can see that this is, at its heart, a story about a girl who just wants to belong somewhere, and that you make space for people like Ren in your life well maybe people who are a little less stabby, but you know what I mean. Jun 21, sam is currently reading it Shelves: arcs. It's so stunning and dark and filled with stories and magic. She tried to learn Japanese but she struggles with it, and so many other customs are new to her.

She wanted to keep her brother Neven safe, and she wanted a new life for herself in Japan. But I was not a hero with a tragic backstory, I was just a girl nobody wanted. Sometimes I wanted to protect him at all costs and other times I kinda wanted to strangle him. Plot The plot kept me hooked the whole time and it was unpredictable too. Especially with that ending, but I shall say no more on that. Worldbuilding The worldbuilding is so well done!! The Japanese Folklore in it was truly interesting to read about and kept me wanting more and it was kind of terrifying, which I loved!

Yomi and all the other places they visited were well described and I liked how it's easy to differentiate between Shinigami and Reapers. I also just loved how each of the Yokai had her own story and how they were all different from each other. Writing The writing is immersive and the writing style is unique and fits the rest of the novel perfectly. Mar 22, Brinley rated it it was amazing Shelves: march , netgalley-arcs , fantasy. What exactly do i do after finishing this? This book was everything I want from a fantasy. It was dark, gruesome, and had amazing worldbuilding. I was dreading the end of this, partly because I knew it would hurt, and partly because I didn't want to let go of the world. This book is terrifying. Several times, I had to put my phone down, and reevaluate what I was reading.

I don't think I've ever read a fantasy as gruesome as this. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but there was an adjustment period What exactly do i do after finishing this? Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but there was an adjustment period. Seriously, people get burnt to a cream, and faces splatter. And those are just two of the gruesome deaths. But that gruesomeness allowed us to have a true morally gray character. She was like an avenging spirit, and I loved it. She would do anything to protect her family, and she absolutely refused to let go of the power she had attained. It was such a welcome change from the goody protagonists we normally see. The worldbuilding in this was another thing I loved.

For the past few months, I've been loving Japanese inspired fantasies, and this was no exception. The yokai and gods we got to see were super interesting, and I loved how they all had their own stories. The world here was unlike anything I've ever read before, but I was immediately drawn into it. And the ending of this was definitely cinematic. Everything started going so wrong, but at the same time, so right. I couldn't look away. I couldn't put the book down. This almost could've been a standalone, but I can't wait for the next book. If this is any indication, it'll be even better! Thanks to Kylie Lee Baker and Netgalley for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review! Sep 24, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , fantasy , historical-fiction , , arcs , audiobook , paranormal , fiction , young-adult , supernatural.

I absolutely freaked out when I got approved to dive into this beautiful book. I'm also really excited to see what everyone else will think about it after it has been published. It was just that good! In this, you will meet Ren. She is basically sick of everyone's shit or maybe that's just me sick of everyone treating her like shit. Either way, we are both fed up and she's rea I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Either way, we are both fed up and she's ready to ditch this place she calls him. The one thing she has to look out for? Her brother. Now he's her ride or die kind of sibling because once she mentions going to Japan to find her mother he's like - when do we leave?

Along the way, they meet Hiro. Of course I was completely suspicious of him after this little meet and greet. It sucks that he was judged based off of his foot but it sucked even more that people would constantly tell Ren what she is or isn't. Like calm down people - worry about yourself before she goes bat shit bad ass crazy on you. True me - she will. Each twist and turn brought me into some deep dark stuff. I loved it all. Even though one girl was pretty creepy and I would never want to meet her. Like ever. Other than that, I'm all kinds of stoked to see what is going to happen next. Especially with how this ended. Aug 23, Selene Velez rated it it was amazing. The book starts in England, where Ren is ostracized for her Japanese appearance and known only as a Shinigami, never fully accepted as a Reaper despite her abilities.

The only person who truly loves her is her younger half-brother and full Reaper, Neven. Ren is suffocating in this environment, forced to suppress her abilities and make herself smaller to be accepted by this society of prejudiced Reapers. Determined to be deemed worthy, Ren accepts this impossible mission in an unknown land with vicious monsters. The writing style is wonderful, easy to follow, and so expressive. Hannah is a pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is of a slim build, often wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts due to her hobby and work involving plant care. Her clothing is mainly of white or light shades of color, which is typical in Florida.

Her right hand has a scar, stretching the length of her palm, from where the bloody blade of a knife slipped as she was stabbing her victim during her first kill at age fifteen. Hannah will kill when she is wronged or out of self-defense. When questioned by Dexter if she enjoys killing, Hannah is quick to say, "No. She affirms that she is the "fittest so far. Hannah was born in the tiny town of Clopton, Alabama. When she was six years old, she received her first taste of death when her father threw her into a pond to teach her how to swim.

She almost drowned until a fisherman saved her life, while her mother and father stood off to the side. At the age of eight, Hannah's father took her to a poker tournament and left her in a hotel room by herself for three days, rewarding her with a doll house when he returned. The strained relationship continued throughout her life and bubbled over in the episode " The Dark At the age of fifteen, Hannah was awakened in the night by Wayne Randall who suggested they take off on a road trip. Their simple dream was to live together on a farm in Argentina. However, the two ended up on a three-state killing spree in which Wayne was considered the main perpetrator.

It's revealed that Hannah was responsible for one victim's death after Wayne captured a couple. As Wayne was stabbing the man, his wife tried to stop him. Wayne ordered Hannah to get her off of him, so Hannah pinned the woman on a bed and stabbed her "until the screaming stopped. Once they were caught, Hannah turned state-evidence against Wayne and he was incarcerated. Hannah, because of her young age, was sent to a juvenile facility for six years. While there, a counselor began sexually abusing her and friend, Arlene Shram.

When he received little punishment, Hannah took matters into her own hands. A couple of weeks later, the counselor died from ingesting rat poison. As an adult, Hannah went on with her life. Her marriage to Jake Kirkwood lasted a few years until he died at the age of forty from a heart attack. Hannah was pregnant at the time and her husband threatened to leave her unless she had an abortion. Hannah felt mistreated and killed him, but then miscarried. A year before crossing paths with Dexter, Hannah was apprenticed to Beverly Grey at a greenhouse. Beverly became ill and later died of a heart attack. Hannah was listed in Beverly's Will and inherited her business, keeping the same schedule, clients, and handyman.

Wayne Randall volunteers to reveal the location of three bodies that he buried in Miami fifteen years ago. At one of the dig sites, Dexter talks with him about his philosophy of surrendering to his situation. After several days of digging, Frosty Swirls, and sunshine, Wayne reminisces on his time with Hannah. He then commits suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming truck which instantly kills him. Dexter is sprayed with his blood and realizes that Wayne couldn't handle time in prison. With Miami Metro still searching for bodies, Sgt. Angel Batista goes to Hannah's house to speak with her about the murders.

Dexter is taken along to collect a DNA sample. Hannah initially tries to keep that life behind her, staying distant and showing irritation with the police for constantly pestering her. She's not sure what to make of Dexter. When he drops the swab he is using to collect DNA from her mouth, she asks if he does this for a living, but seems to be interested in him nonetheless. Hannah appears at the police station with her lawyer after he persuades her to help find the remaining bodies. While there, Hannah tells Dexter that she and Wayne were dreamers, who wanted to settle down on a farm in Argentina. Soon Hannah appears at the police station to identify the possessions kept as trophies of Randall's victims.

To Dexter, she appears less depressed than nostalgic for the times they represent to her. During her interview, Hannah quietly toys with one of the "trophies" in front of Dexter. To him, it looks as if she is reflecting on the joy of the kill. Hannah agrees to show Miami Metro Homicide where a man and woman are buried on a beach near a motel. Investigators unearth two bodies - male and female - and Dexter is sent to analyze the blood spatter. With Hannah nearby, Dexter examines the condition of the female victim. He realizes that her killer was shorter than Randall.

Dexter does not share this finding with the cops, but confronts Hannah. When he mentions the scar on her palm, Hannah states that she got the scar from talking back to Wayne. Dexter immediately calls her out on her lies. She responds, smiling, "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Deciding that Hannah would make a good victim for his Dark Passenger , Dexter starts stalking her. He also begins accumulating information about her life. He learns of her husband who died of a heart attack and, via writer Sal Price , the death of a counselor who had apparently sexually assaulted her shortly after release from juvie.

Dexter meets with Hannah and tries to earn her trust by claiming he was "wrong" about her involvement in the killing spree. As the two slowly become closer, Dexter discovers more about the fates of those who crossed paths with Hannah. Beverly Grey , who was Hannah's mentor in the plant nursery business, died of a heart attack, not unlike Hannah's husband. A postmortem found traces of Aconite , which can be derived from a plant found in Hannah's garden.

Dexter weighs the evidence of her guilt and finds enough proof for her to be killed. The two meet several times, with Hannah even showing up at his apartment, carrying a flowering plant. She seems to take a liking to Dexter, despite the mysterious excuses he uses to constantly see her. When Dexter discovers Aconite growing in her garden, he tells Hannah that he wants to "take her out. Remembering that Randall had promised to take Hannah to Christmas Village - a holiday-themed attraction in the perennially sunny Miami area - Dexter takes her there for their date.

In fact, Dexter has decided that the now closed attraction will be her kill room. Leading Hannah inside Santa's Holiday Adventure , Dexter awes her with its beautiful display of falling snow and holiday lights. Hannah is touched and thanks Dexter for bringing her there. Dexter then injects her with a syringe of M She wakes up on a table, naked, bound and gagged by Dexter's shrink wrap. Dexter removes the tape, expecting to hear her beg for her life, which she does not do. Instead, she tells him to do what he has to do. Dexter stands up with knife in hand, raising it above to deliver the killing blow. However, he alters his swing and strikes down into the table, and suddenly cuts her free from the wrap rather than end her life.

Hannah sits up and stares into his eyes, allowing her desire to take hold. The two share a heated kiss as the plastic falls off her body. Dexter strips off his kill attire, and the two have sex on the kill table. After the sex, Hannah holds Dexter's knife against his throat and demands to know why he almost killed her. He admits that he kills "bad people," and Hannah asks if he thinks she is bad. Dexter says that she fits the general description, after which Hannah tells him, "You have no idea. When Dexter drops Hannah off at her house, they agree to never have sex again or try to kill each other. Sal Price crime writer , parked down the street, notices Dexter and Hannah returning from an overnight date.

Sal says he will think it over. At the flower mart, Sal pressures Hannah to be interviewed for his next book, and references Dexter. Annoyed, she agrees and arranges a meeting at her house as long as he keeps Dexter out of the book. To prove he was murdered by Hannah, Debra has Jake Kirkwood exhumed through his sister to run tests. However, since Hannah did not allow the the body to be embalmed, there is no tissue left. During her interview with Sal Price over her first kill at age fifteen, Hannah reveal all and appears to have an emotional break down. However, it's a diversion to put poison on his pen since he compulsively keeps one in his mouth. While there, Sal suddenly drops dead of an apparent heart attack. Dexter is furious, realizing that Hannah poisoned him against his wishes.

Furious over Sal's death, Debra calls Hannah in for questioning. With no other option, the Doctor was forced to use a naval rocket to destroy it. The Doctor next took Sarah to the circus to watch a performance by the great P. However, they lost the TARDIS to circus performer Benjamin, who planned to use the time machine as a new magic act called "the Wondrous Box", accidentally transporting the time machine back to various points in the circus's past. The Doctor managed to bring Benjamin to the present, and regained his ship.

Outside, they also found another pod, and put it in the freezer. Before they could do anything for Winlett, he mutated further and became aggressive, going on a rampage. While trying to stop the new Krynoid, the Doctor failed to stop Scorby and Keeler, who worked for Harrison Chase , from finding the other pod, and escaping with it. After the Krynoid was destroyed by Scorby's bomb, the Doctor and Sarah were rescued, and brought back to England. Investigating Chase Manor, the Doctor and Sarah encountered the Krynoid, who had infected Keeler, and had taken control of the body of Harrison Chase, planning to spread its seeds to take over Earth. TV : The Seeds of Doom. Arriving in London , the Doctor became involved with stopping the Voracians from using a computer virus that would make all technology sentient and rise up against humanity.

He destroyed the virus and chased them off the planet. The Doctor discovered their weakness to high-pitched noise and set a trap for their leader, Zor , killing him. When he died, all the other Pescatons died as well. Using coordinates he obtained from the Grindian exploratory satellite , the Doctor and Sarah landed on the Guerner Transport Ship whose depature from Rimba had been witnessed by the Second Doctor , years earlier. Discovering that suspended animation had erased the Guerners' memories, the Doctor helped them avoid destruction at the hands of a Sto-cat , a giant robotic sphinx which had been left on their destination planets millennia earlier by the Kryptolians.

On Vona, the Doctor joined forces with his old friend, Olak, to break peace between two robotic armies, the Domos and the Yenge. After they failed to aid the survivors of a devastated Earth, the Doctor honoured Sarah's request to go somewhere they could "make a difference" and took her help him to kill a baby destined to grow up into a dictator. However, after the Sixth Doctor failed to kill the baby, the Fourth Doctor realised a different solution, and alerted the baby's mother to the Eighth Doctor 's attempt on her child's life. While the Fourth Doctor helped his eighth incarnation escape, the baby's mother realised her love for her child, and decided to raise them better.

Whilst Sarah was shopping, the Doctor waited outside the shopping centre and manipulated cause and effect with a coin, resulting in Sam and Emma exchanging phone numbers. The Fourth Doctor explains Mandragora energy to Sarah. TV : The Masque of Mandragora. During a trip in space, the Doctor accidentally brought the Helix Intelligence to San Martino , Italy , in the 15th century , where it planned to dominate the human race by using the Brotherhood of Demnos as its agents. Because the agents had been converted into pure energy beings by the Helix, the Doctor tricked the Brotherhood's leader, Hieronymous , into using all his energy until he vanished. Using his mask and cloak, the Doctor posed as him and used a device to drain the energy out of the rest of the Brotherhood, killing them and saving the Earth.

Soon after, the Doctor rescued Piram, a survivor of a Lizardian space pirate attack and helped him take revenge on Skarnus, destroying a barren moon that he had turned into his base. The Doctor and Sarah spent nine weeks travelling to the beaches of Geshtinanna. Whilst Christmas shopping in s New Zealand, Sarah and many other shoppers were kidnapped, along with a large percentage of turkeys. Investigating, the Doctor discovered the Hazoodians were using turkeys to make alcohol. Realising the humans were being kidnapped by accident, the Doctor returned them to Earth. The Doctor and Sarah observed Earth, at the time a mass of molten rock, develop into a world with an atmosphere and life.

They also encountered Megron , a Lord of Chaos claiming to be ruler of Earth until the Doctor banished him. The Doctor made another visit to Vortis , where he found the crystalline Clynex was draining the energy from its surroundings and attracting the Menoptera to their deaths. The Doctor saved them from Clynex by shattering it with his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor emerged unscathed, but Sarah was taken ill and so he accompanied her to hospital. There, he discovered she had come into contact with a stone hand and, when Sarah stole the hand and fled, followed her to Nunton Experimental Complex.

Her wearing of a ring brought her under the control of Eldrad , a Kastrian scientist. The Doctor used a cooling duct to reach Sarah and brought her to her senses. Eldrad restored herself using the reactor core. The Doctor agreed to take her back to Kastria , her homeworld, but only in the present, not her home time, as this broke the Laws of Time. On Kastria, Eldrad was injured by an acid -laden booby trap , so the Doctor and Sarah had to conduct her to a regenerator chamber. There she was restored to her male form. Eldrad discovered his people to be dead and asked the Doctor to return him to Earth so he could rule over humanity. Fleeing from him, the Doctor made use of his scarf, with Sarah holding the other end, to trip Eldrad, who fell into an abyss. TV : School Reunion.

The Doctor is interrogated by the Time Lords. TV : The Deadly Assassin. Discovering that the signal hadn't come from someone he knew, the Doctor returned to Gallifrey, just as it was the time of the election for Lord President , and theorised that the departing President was in danger. Stealing a robe to blend in, the Doctor attempted to prevent an assassination, but ended up framed for murdering the Lord President. To keep himself from being executed, the Doctor declared his own candidacy for Lord President. Believing the Matrix would give him clues as to who was behind this, the Doctor ended up in a mental duel with the culprit. After finding the assassin, the Doctor learned that it was Goth , another Lord President candidate, who was being manipulated by the Decayed Master ; since their last meeting, the Master, with no regenerations left, had degenerated into a rotting corpse.

The Master was plotting to use the Eye of Harmony in an attempt to restart his cycle of regenerations by using the Sash of Rassilon to protect himself from the effects of the Black hole that would destroy Gallifrey as a side-effect. After failing to convince the Master that, since the sash was damaged in the death of the old president, it would put the Master at risk, the Doctor fought him off. Though the Master managed to escape capture, the Doctor left his former teacher, Borusa , to lead Gallifrey as Cardinal, TV : The Deadly Assassin though, as the only candidate left, he was still eligible to gain the title of Lord President, even after leaving.

TV : The Invasion of Time. The Doctor with his tenth incarnation. Now on his own, the Doctor stopped at the Cathedral of Contemplation , where the Abbess put him to paint frescoes in one of the chapels. He was helped by Jora , a fugitive from the Second Dalek War , and later reached by his tenth incarnation. When the Daleks attacked the Cathedral, the two Doctors brought the pilgrims to safety; then the Fourth Doctor insisted on going and confront the Daleks directly in the Sanctum. Captured by the Dalek duplicate of Captain Zenna , he was delivered to the Dalek Supreme , who attached him to the main control of the Cathedral and tried to use his telepathy to drive the building down to Earth headquarters.

However, even the mind of the Doctor proved insufficient to form a stable connection with the Cathedral; only when the Tenth Doctor joined him at the control, their combined efforts allowed them to move it. The two Doctors first released the pilgrims on a safe space, and then directed the Dalek time corridor to Earth, 5,,, , sending the Daleks to their destruction. Released by Jora, the two Doctors then managed to escape and trap the Dalek Supreme inside the collapsing Cathedral. The Fourth Doctor offered Jora to accompany him, but she refused. He then left after encouraging his future self to be more hopeful.

Who and the Hell Planet needs to be added. He discovered physicist Peter Osbourne had built a time visualiser prototype that was sending ripples backwards and forwards in time, capturing the fragmentary essences of people in the moments of their worst despair. The Doctor destroyed the machine, but the gestalt of spirits remained bound to the ship, with Osbourne included in their number.

The Doctor decided not to return for Sarah Jane, fearing he would have to watch her grow old and die. TV : School Reunion However, he did visit her to apologies for the way they parted company and to say a proper goodbye, quickly departing afterwards to protect her from any further heartbreak. Arriving in s Tokyo on Christmas Eve , the Doctor celebrated Christmas in the Emperor's Garden with a member of the Divine , an ancient shapeshifter. The Doctor admired the human spirit as he observed the Earth from orbit. The Doctor watches his predecessors argue. The Doctor later attempted to form a band with his three predecessors, but creative differences, and the fact that they all wanted to play the drums , broke them up.

Wanting to learn first-hand about history, the Doctor became a taxi driver in London and met architect James Willaker and took him to dinner. He told James about his travels in time, and James inspired him to travel to the building the architect was then working on; Chase Manor. The Doctor was caught in the destruction of a cemetery in an earthquake, but was saved by Ana Maria Carla Perez de Calixtro. After spending Christmas with her family, the Doctor travelled forty years into the future, and met Ana when she was an old lady so he could take her back in time every Christmas to visit her father's grave. Eight and Nine. On another mission for the Time Lords, the Doctor was joined by a Craxon called Andric to find a new source of Diloona and they faced a number of perils on a satellite at the hands of the Managans.

While fighting the Cybermen , the Doctor was attacked by time flies , but was saved by his twelfth incarnation. The Doctor, along with his six other incarnations, was trapped in the Determinant by the Master , but he was able to create an amorphous being named the Graak to save him and his other selves. The Doctor instructed the Graak to start his mission by finding a radio transmitter in the Third Doctor 's laboratory to contact the Brigadier.

After the Graak freed his predecessors, the Doctor began pleading with him to save him, as he was in danger of being "swept away" into an "infinite of nothingness". Later, the Doctor informed the Graak to only enter the Determinant when he was "mentally prepared", as failing the challenge would result in certain death, and instructed him to go to the Zygon chamber to retrieve a Skarasen calling device. When the Master and the Graak battled in his brain, the Doctor helped the Graak by navigating him around and giving details on the adversaries he encountered. After the Graak defeated the Master, the Doctor was finally freed when the Graak sacrificed its life force to liberate the trapped Doctors.

The Doctor with James T. Kirk , Spock , Dr. Leonard McCoy and Scotty. The group had been looking for a lost archaeological team, and had discovered the base. The Doctor offered them jelly babies and used his sonic screwdriver to break the lock the group had been trying to open. They discovered the researchers standing catatonically , with small cybernetic devices in their ears. McCoy began to remove the devices and revive the crew, but was interrupted by the arrival of a Cyber-Leader and two Cybermen. A firefight ensued, but the Starfleet phasers were ineffective against the Cybermen.

The Doctor used the gold cover from Kirk's communicator to clog the Cybermen's respiration. After the Cybermen were defeated, the Doctor slipped away quietly. After travelling with Oliver Day for several months, Oliver got amnesia, which caused him to temporarily lose his memory of his travels with the Doctor. Arriving in an alien marketplace, the Doctor and Oliver met Gravkrom-Vey , owner of the last Monkrah fish in the universe. The Doctor discovered the Monkrah had been wiped out in a civil war with the Manicoll, who also began dying soon after the war had ended, so the Doctor and Oliver helped Gravkrom-Vey release the last Monkrah. Soon after, the Doctor and Oliver went on the trail of the Puppeteer , an evil creature who had followed mankind's progression across the stars, and fed on the countless wars and conflicts of Earth.

They followed him to Gondovan , where they met investigative archivist Annajin Valentin. Oliver fell under the Puppeteers control and tried to kill Anna. But the Doctor managed to free his mind, whilst Annajin killed the Puppeteer. Oliver, shaken by his experience on Gondovan, elected to stay behind with Annajin, leaving the Doctor to travel alone with once again. The Doctor and Shakespeare. The Doctor arrived on a submarine that was attacked by an army of Sea Devils. However, before the Doctor could move against them, he unexpectedly encountered the Third Doctor. Keeping his identity secret to protect the timelines, the Doctor helped his previous incarnation to defeat the Sea Devils, and made a quick exit before his third incarnation could discover who he was.

Soon after, the Doctor reunited with former companion, Liz Shaw. Summoned to Earth by Brigadier-Lethbridge Stewart's recall device, the Doctor discovered UNIT was facing closure and the pair attended a court hearing in New York to save the organisation, but the Doctor was side-tracked when he discovered the Brigadier did not summon him to Earth. Investigating led him to the Museum of Art, and he was soon held at gunpoint by Robin Oemington , a former spy who blamed the Doctor for the downfall of his career.

Robin was killed by police before he could kill the Doctor. However, the Doctor discovered Robin had constructed a bomb capable of blowing up the solar system, and that the deceased spy planned to frame him. The Doctor managed to defuse the bomb at the last moment and successfully secured a bright future for UNIT and the Brigadier. The Doctor worked alongside Harry Sullivan again to return a peaceful alien home and to also protect it from a ruthless UNIT colonel named Dennis Horsely , who believed that the creature should be killed and experimented on, PROSE : Mutiny and attended the funeral of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart with all of his other incarnations.

The Doctor spent a long period of time tracking down Jessica Willamy, who he had met in his second incarnation. He discovered she had been a fugitive for forty years, ever since their last meeting and he saved her from an assassin in New England. During a visit to London in , the Doctor worked with Harry Sullivan to deal with a new group of Voracians , who had infiltrated the British Government.

Unlike the direct military action of the first group that the Doctor had encountered, these Voracians intended to manipulate the government into dismantling the British military by staging a coup and shutting down the army in the aftermath, telling the government that the goal was to divert money into education and medicinal programs when in reality they would use the opportunity to distribute Voractyll-programmed technology more effectively while disguising it as anti-Millennium-Bug software. Having exposed the coup, the Doctor and Harry tracked down the Voracians before they could activate Voractyll, distracting them long enough for the Doctor to infect their own software with the Millennium Bug, causing Voractyll to shut down when it passed through them.

The Doctor visited Clio on her fifth birthday to give her a bag of jelly babies as a present, PROSE : The Glass Princess and watched Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa , thinking the model was a "dreadful woman with no eyebrows who wouldn't sit still". Info from Doomcloud needs to be added. The Doctor and Miss Young drive off for further adventures. Still travelling alone, the Doctor gained a companion in Miss Young , and the pair went to Scotland in Bessie to meet with Professor McBane , an old friend of the Doctor who had summoned him.

McBane revealed that a meteor had crash landed in oil rig waters, and he wanted the Doctor's input on the chance of alien hostility. As the group flew over the area in a helicopter, giant tentacles arose from the sea and began attacking a local ship. The Doctor was able to take a sample of the pink substance from the creature back to the laboratory, where he discovered that it was seaweed contaminated from radiation from deep space brought by the meteorite.

Furthermore, the mutated seaweed was attracted to sound, so the sound of the oil rig put it in danger. The Doctor and Miss Young headed out on a boat, using a sound-emitting gadget to attract the mutated seaweed. A tentacle grabbed the Doctor, but Miss Young cut it off. They lured the mutation into a shallow bay where it couldn't dive and dropped drums of petrol from the boat. After they were flown out of the area, the petrol was lit on fire, killing the beast. The Doctor went to Xenon , where he picked up Milena from the planet. In return for a favour, Milena's father had asked the Doctor to take his daughter on an adventure.

The pair went on a mostly peaceful trip, until they were forced to land on an asteroid. There, Milena was possessed by a species known as the Zicons. The Doctor was eventually able to trick them out of her body, and safely dropped her back on her home world. While tracing a historical anomaly, the Doctor met Nyssa , a future companion of his, who travelled back in time with him when she learned that he was going into the past to investigate Roger Bacon , who had been erased as a result of the anomaly that the Doctor was trying to track, Nyssa seeking a time of peace after the chaos of her present. Although their investigations revealed that Bacon's assistant was trying to help him create an elixir of life, the Doctor and Nyssa never learned the reason for this anomaly, their time together ending with the Doctor taking Nyssa back to her time while aware that he would have to take care of the younger Nyssa when she became his companion in the future to avoid causing a paradox.

Going undercover at the construction of the Northern Line in s London, the Doctor met Nicholas Clement and located an alien anomaly known as "Kappa 12" under Alexander Palace station. On his mission, the Doctor was paired with Susan King , Baron's old flame. The pair discovered Baron had been smuggling weapons into the country and went undercover at Baron's Enterprises. After foiling his plan to seize control of Britain, the Doctor was held at gunpoint by the unhinged Baron, which forced Susan to shoot Baron before he could kill the Doctor. Alongside a thief called Jacob Abiathar Earl-Thornton , the Doctor visited Earth in the year 50 million , where they encountered two warring species of robot ants. PROSE : Earth The Doctor next tracked down an object that could bring machines, such as vending machines , to life, assisted by a younger woman.

The Doctor checked into a London hotel in and befriended a lift operator, Philip Fowler , who spoke of the King's death and had dark predictions of the future. Investigating, the Doctor discovered Fowler was an alien device to precipitate a revolution on Earth. Visiting the wizarding land of Samarkand , the Doctor rescued Al Urd-Din from the pit, causing Al to assume that the Doctor was a magical being. The Doctor discovered the evil Vizier was plotting to marry Al's lover, and trapped him in a World of Shadows. The Doctor fires a crossbow. TV : The Face of Evil.

The Doctor returned to the planet colonised by the Mordee expedition centuries before, where he found that he was remembered as an evil god called "the Evil One " by the descendants of the colonists. Descendants of the colonist's survey team had become a warrior tribe called the Sevateem , while descendants of the technicians had become a technologically advanced tribe called the Tesh. Infiltrating the "Sacred Heart" of the old Mordee expedition ship with the help of one of the Sevateem, Leela , the Doctor cured the computer Xoanon of his multiple personalities. The Doctor and Leela uncovered experiments into telepathy undertaken by several university students, which threatened a weakness in the multiverse that was in close proximity, made even worse by a university professor's attempt to create a flawed time machine to undo an event in his past when he beat his daughter to death during an argument.

However, due to the interventions of the TARDIS, the damage to the multiverse was repaired, but, as a result, the timeline was replaced by one where the professor reported his crime rather than hiding it. The Doctor noted that he and Leela would forget about the whole affair when they stepped out of the TARDIS, as none of the people they encountered or events they witnessed would have ever existed. On a Sandminer in the 23rd century , the Doctor and Leela were accused of killing members of the crew, and taken prisoner. They later discovered a madman named Taren Capel was murdering the crew, hoping to help his robot "brethren" rule humanity.

However, the Doctor turned Capel's reprogramming of the robots against him by using helium gas to make his voice unrecognisable to them, leading to his death. TV : The Robots of Death. The Doctor received a summons from the Brigadier to investigate a strange object in Scotland , which he traced to one of the islands in Shetland. Learning that Leela had experienced something whilst rowing, the Doctor theorised that the lights in the sky were not a natural phenomenon, just as Viking artefacts started to attack Joanna.

After falling down a hole while trying to find Angus Renwick , the Doctor was attacked by something in Viking armour, but he found his way onto Nardos ' ship. After helping Leela to escape the flames, he and Leela travelled back in time accidentally and saw Angus' father during his mission in the Second World War. The Doctor worked out that the ship's defences were causing time to fracture. He was given the "wolf's eye" from a young Angus and used it to go back to the future, and tried to convince Nardos to stop his plans as it would destroy humanity. The Doctor and George Litefoot explore London 's waterways. With the help of Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot , the Doctor was able to stop Greel from using a failed time machine that would have destroyed reality, but when the attempt happened without a crucial part, Greel was caught in an explosion.

After saying goodbye to Jago and Litefoot, the Doctor followed a distress signal that took him and Leela to a country house in Kent in At the house, the Doctor had to stop Leela from attacking the butler, Jenkins , and told him that his master, Lord Jack Corrigan , had taken a spaceship. They landed on the Chandler and joined its crew pretending to be part of its construction crew for the Nerva Beacon.

Shortly after boarding the Nerva Beacon , they were arrested by a Drudger and taken to Giles Moreau where he questioned Henry McMullan about the stolen spaceship. The Doctor worked out that Henry was spreading an infection among the people on the Nerva Beacon. He managed to get them back onto supply ship to get a message to quarantine the Nerva Beacon. Shortly afterwards, the Drellerans showed the Doctor that they infected Jack and his colleagues because of Jack's subjugation of their people.

He convinced the Drellerans with the help of Alison to give them the vaccine to the stop the infection spreading and cure those with the disease. Upon Leela's demand for more teaching, the Doctor brought her to the Movarian Museum , in time for the opening of the new Renaissance section. When they landed, though, they found themselves in an English village , apparently at the beginning of the 20th century. They were greeted by Harcourt , a local scholar, and his servant, Jephson , who seemed to be bent on acquiring knowledge.

They found out that Harcourt was a robot built as a speaking database and Jephson was the curator of the new section of the Museum, and wanted to acquire as much knowledge as he could in order to become a real "Renaissance Man". For that reason, he invited several scholars and experts and, with the help of Harcourt, drained their entire memories, transferring them into the database. He managed to drain from Leela her knowledge about hunting and tried to do the same with the Doctor, but he was able to resist the impulse and tricked him by having him store data about a non-existent historical character.

When the Doctor revealed the trick, all the world built by Harcourt and Jephson collapsed, leaving only an empty space. Shortly after arriving, they met Boudica when she was being attacked by Festucas and Pacquolas. He was appalled when Boudica killed Pacquolas after he had surrendered. When he told her of Boudica's fate, Leela wanted to change her fate, but the Doctor tried to dissuade her from altering history.

Boudica knew that threatening Bragnar would cause the Doctor to tell her the future. He managed to escape and rode to Boudica's battle to save Leela from being killed. Intending to take Leela to , the Doctor accidentally landed in London in , and noticed a set of anachronistic energy readings coming from the National Museum. He allied with protester Jack Coulson to destroy GlobeSphere Corporation because of their plans to exploit their consumers.

Investigating their headquarters, the Doctor discovered that the company had been infiltrated by the Daleks, and that the energy readings were associated with a Dalek Time Ship. He rescued Leela from being converted into a Roboman. Using the Robotisation mechanism, the Doctor got information from a Dalek that they wanted the energy for their plans and headed for the Moon. He worked out that Damien Stephens was a high functioning Roboman, and also found out that the Daleks were plotting to force the Moon out of Earth's orbit, so that it would cause highly destructive floods and tectonic events that would ultimately engulf the human race.

However, the Doctor once again stopped the Daleks by funnelling all the power through their ship. An attempt at a holiday in the English countryside resulted in the Doctor and Leela discovering a plan by the Decayed Master to harness a being capable of creating natural wormholes, allegedly to assist the Kraal in their latest invasion of Earth. AUDIO : Trail of the White Worm The Doctor discovered that the true goal was to steal a unique battery from UNIT that the Third Doctor had created during his exile and combine the energy from the battery with the radiation on Oseidon to create a new form of radiation that would restore the Master at the cost of destroying the planet. The Doctor was able to convince the Kraal to retreat while the Master was left struggling with an android duplicate of himself that the Doctor and Leela had created to question about the situation.

When a Desolation Storm approached the Sycorax's asteroid base, the Doctor and Bathast freed the prisoners while Leela and Kyrss were forced to fight. The Doctor took Leela on holiday on the planet Shontaa , where they battled two Zygons who were engaged in a bitter feud. He later saved Pincham from being killed as a witch. There, he encountered Vituperon who, posing as the Devil, teased him in the delirium. The Doctor was then imprisoned in the Tower of London , but he escaped after being taken to the gallows, having worked out that the imps were copies of Vituperon.

He went into their lair, with Leela as his anchor, and sealed Vituperon in his realm. The Doctor next visited Joshua Douglas and his family, where he re-encountered the imprisoned emperor of the Z'nai , whom he had contained long ago. The Emperor hoped to find an antidote for the plague which Douglas had released to destroy his people. Douglas' daughter freed the Emperor, sparking a resurgence of the Z'nai Empire. For an unknown reason, Leela became the virus' vector, infecting the Z'nai with it. She wiped out the Z'nai except for the Emperor, whom the Doctor imprisoned again. After the TARDIS malfunctioned, the Doctor and Leela found themselves on the tranquil planet of Synchronis , where they planned to relax until the Doctor was attacked and left in a coma, leaving Leela to fend for herself.

When he recovered, the Doctor managed to sabotage the ongoing Empathy Games in which Leela was a participant and restructure the society. The Doctor spent a few days in New York in , discussing philosophy and literature with intelligent men. When the Time Lords sent him and Leela to Dowcra , the Doctor was captured by Reaver and sent to work with the rest of the prisoners of the Sontarans , working on the clone vats, where he learnt more about the Sontaran invasion from Irving. When he learnt of the human experiment to create a method of instantaneous travel which would be deadly in the hands of the Sontarans, the Doctor thought this was why the Time Lords had sent him to Dowca.

He tried to assassinate Strang by using the probic vent, but it didn't work, and the Doctor was sent to help Rosato to complete the portal he was creating. He tried to convince Rosato that wiping out the Sontarans would let the Rutan Host swarm, but his subconscious betrayed him and he accidentally gave Rosato the equations to complete the portal.

Because the Doctor wasn't certain that he could make the Sontaran clones good, Leela destroyed all the vats, much to the Doctor's disapproval. While tracking thefts on shipping transports, Leela was abducted by the Decayed Master and brainwashed to believe that she was his personal assassin. Under the Master's control, she nearly killed the Doctor with a Janis thorn , but the Doctor was able to retrieve the antidote and convince Leela to trust him. Afterwards, Leela believed that she would be expelled from the TARDIS, but the Doctor assured her that he didn't blame her for her actions and they discussed Leela's lost father, as the Master's control had included manipulating Leela's memory of him.

The discovery of a rupture in the Time Vortex drew the Doctor and Leela to a village where a house was apparently plagued by ghosts. Investigating the "haunted" house with the aid of local girl Charlotte, the Doctor learned that the house's owner, Jalnik , came from the year , and was sent into the future by Jalnik's butler, Butler. Learning that Earth in this time was plagued by giant locusts known as the Pantophagen , the Doctor realised that their presence was the result of Jalnik attempting to stage a coup after he discovered the temporal rupture and drew the Pantophagen to Earth. Working with Leela and Charlotte, the Doctor was able to return to the past and seal the original rupture, erasing the chain of events that led to the Pantophagen destroying Earth.

At a lighthouse on Fang Rock , the Doctor and Leela discovered a Rutan Host who was planning to make use of the Earth's strategic placement in its race's war with the Sontarans. After all but he and Leela were killed by it, the Doctor destroyed the Rutan by blowing up the lighthouse. TV : Horror of Fang Rock. The Doctor and Leela next found themselves on a cyber-frontier world, encountering an army of half-converted Cybermen. Originally planning to help them retrieve a weapon to destroy invading Cybermen, the Doctor sent Leela to gather a resistance and gave the half-converted their emotions back. Colonel Joshua committed suicide after seeing what he had become, whilst the rest dedicated their lives to protecting the planet.

Info from The Darkness of Glass needs to be added. The Doctor is infected by a virus. TV : The Invisible Enemy. The Doctor, having become the host of the Nucleus , travelled to the Bi-Al Foundation medical centre in the year , where its Swarm spread further, infecting numerous others. The Nucleus brought itself out of the Doctor's body and into the macro world to hatch more offspring. The Doctor travelled to Titan Base , where a hive of Swarm lay.

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