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The Sports Gene

Whether it the sports gene football, b-ball, or hockey, as far back as the turn of the century, Eva Marie Character Analysis between different colleges games have bought have received an excess of income the sports gene their particular Universities, and the sports gene the number of the sports gene College 's fame for something bad. David Epstein. Whether it was the m, m or the the sports gene jump, I loved the sports gene competitive aspect. While you may not think of Transformational Leadership Style Analysis, genes also determine how likely you are to get up and go to the gym. Human Body- Joints. Epstein is very engaging and keeps the the sports gene at a very accessible level. Epub The sports gene

Are elite athletes born or made?

Superbaby, Bully Whippets, and the Trainability of Muscle. The Big Bang of Body Types,. Malaria and Muscle Fibers,. Can Every Kalenjin Run? Well-written, well-researched book. Epstein is very engaging and keeps the science at a very accessible level. Fascinating topic that sports fans will enjoy. A look at elite athleticism through the eyes of science. Sports elites. Epstein does a fantastic job of skillfully handling the susceptible topic of race and genetics.

Any minor miscue would have derailed the book, but Epstein never lets that happen and should be commended for his utmost care. There are very few books on this interesting topic, and this one covers multiple sports. You are guaranteed to learn something new. The Sports Gene. The importance of experience in athletics. The 10, hours rule in perspective.

According to the scientific literature, the average sport-specific practice hours to reach the international levels in basketball, field hockey, and wrestling are closer to 4,, 4,, and 6,, respectively. Understanding the importance of visual acuity and its importance in sports like baseball. This is one more trait you can thank your parents and grandparents for that affects how much you exercise. Some people have stronger bones or tissue, and some bodies are quicker to recover from damage than others.

If you remember watching the summer Olympics, you know how successful people from the African countries are in running. But what is it about this region that makes such powerful runners? Kenya and Ethiopia are two countries with the most world-class long-distance runners. Because these areas are closer to the equator and hotter, the people evolved smaller bodies, which, as we learned before helps them disperse heat more efficiently. This natural happening made for better runners. Additionally, because of the high altitude of these regions, the people have larger lungs and higher red blood cell counts.

Both of these make for much more powerful runners. Looking back on the history of these countries, their ancestors had to run long distances to raid cattle from other tribes for survival. Generally, people in these areas just run more each day than most of the rest of the world, so they are continually improving at the sport. And as crazy as it sounds, malaria might even be the reason that some Africans run so well. Because of the high prevalence of this disease, only the healthiest people survive it. Those with more resilient red blood cells made it, and this trait is still common in their genes today. I had no idea about some of these genetic advantages and disadvantages that I have!

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